Resources Training Nepal. Craft Punches & Making Greeting Cards.
Poverty In Nepal. "Education can change the world" (Nelson Mandela).
Kent College Nursery School, Nepal
Bill Robinson visits Jyamdi School, Nepal.
Maths Lesson Using Flash Cards and Dominoes.
Nepal School Making Puppets
Puppet Show Nepal. "The Lucky Frog".
Visit to Nursery Schools Sri Lanka 2008
SHIVA Charity Child Sponsorship Sri Lanka
Rottnest Nursery School, Sri Lanka
Kenneth Salgado Nursery School, Dambulla, Sri Lanka
The SHIVA Preschool Fun Day  Sri Lanka
Beetleback Nursery School, Sri Lanka
RAOB Grand Council Nursery School, Sri Lanka.
Bristol Evening Post Nursery School, Sri Lanka
Bluebird Nursery School, Sri Lanka
Ginette Harrison School, Nepal.
The Tsunami Sri Lanka Dec 2004 and SHIVA Charity.
Video gallery
Videos from SHIVA Charity of schools and teachers at work, boys and girls enjoying lessons, trips, fun days, and creative play. Also the involvement of SHIVA Charity rebuilding after the tsunami in Sri Lanka. This page will be updated regularly. These are embedded videos from "You Tube". Simply click to play them.
Mandalas (colouring in) Nepal Art
Wooden block prining in the class room (Nepal)
Annual Craft Exhibition 2008 SHIVA Preschool (Sri Lanka)
Making, decorating, and flying paper planes (Nepal)