The YMCA in Akkaraipattu, Ampara, Sri Lanka have allowed SHIVA Charity to build Mill Lane Nursery School on their grounds. Thanks to them and the sponsors (friends and residents of Mill Lane, Wedmore, UK). If you wish to make a donation to Mill Lane Nursery School, please click the "donate" button!

Parents wait for the school to open.

The opening ceremony begins.


Mill Lane Nursery School begin their first day. These children have a permanent and comfortable environment in which to work. Their parents are grateful that somebody cares!

A.P. Jeron (born 22 Nov 01). His mother died of cancer, so he has more to cope with than tsunami problems....

These children now have a good school, even though outside many are living in temporary shelters. That is why YMCA will probably need the building in the monsoon time (November to January).