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 Himalayan Kingdoms is the leading UK Himalayan trekking holiday agency in the UK.

 Room to Read is a dynamic and dedicated USA charity working all over Asia.

 Game for Life (UK) helps disavantaged children, in the UK, and throughout the world.

 Dakini is a Fair Trade outlet in the West of England, helping SHIVA Charity.



Fundraising For Children Worldwide


 Second in Command is a rising New York singer with a big heart. Click the photo to see the ICP web site, and how funds are being raised for Sri Lanka!

See his personal web site at


DJ is a web designer, and hoster, and also the sponsor of DJDOODLE NURSERY SCHOOL in Ampara, Sri Lanka. See her web page and samples of her designs and hosting, etc., by clicking here!!


 See all the wonderful products available at Buttermilk Barn!!

Karen Billing is a generous fundraiser for SHIVA Charity.


 The Spirit of adventure and wild places……